Artist That start with "H"

Artist / Title


H O G A N & W A L L/A B O U T U S

H O L I D A Y, J./S U F F O C A T E

Haddaway/What Is Love

Hagar, Sammy/Heavy Metal

Hagar, Sammy/Little White Lie

Hagar, Sammy/Mas Tequila

Hagar, Sammy/Serious Juju

Hagar, Sammy/Shag

Hagar, Sammy/Theres Only One Way To Rock

Hagar, Sammy/Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy

Haggard & Nelson/Pancho And Lefty

Haggard & Williams/Bull And The Beaver, The

Haggard, Merle/Always Wanting You

Haggard, Merle/Are The Good Times Really Over

Haggard, Merle/Back To The Barrooms

Haggard, Merle/Bar Room Buddies

Haggard, Merle/Better Love Next Time

Haggard, Merle/Big City

Haggard, Merle/Bottle Let Me Down, The

Haggard, Merle/Branded Man

Haggard, Merle/Carolyn

Haggard, Merle/Cherokee Maiden

Haggard, Merle/Chill Factor

Haggard, Merle/Daddy Frank The Guitar Man

Haggard, Merle/Emptiest Arms In The World

Haggard, Merle/Everybodys Had The Blues

Haggard, Merle/Farmers Daughter

Haggard, Merle/Fightin Side Of Me, The

Haggard, Merle/Fugitive, The

Haggard, Merle/Going Where The Lonely Go

Haggard, Merle/Grandma Harp

Haggard, Merle/Here Comes The Freedom Train

Haggard, Merle/Hungry Eyes

Haggard, Merle/I Take A Lot Of Pride In What I Am

Haggard, Merle/I Think Ill Just Stay Here And Drink

Haggard, Merle/I Threw Away The Rose

Haggard, Merle/If We Can Make It Through December Reuse

Haggard, Merle/If We Make It Through December

Haggard, Merle/If Were Not Back In Love By Monday

Haggard, Merle/Its All In The Movies

Haggard, Merle/Its Been A Great Afternoon

Haggard, Merle/Its Not Love But Its Not Bad

Haggard, Merle/Kentucky Gambler

Haggard, Merle/Legend Of Bonnie & Clyde, The

Haggard, Merle/Lets Chase Each Other Around The Room

Haggard, Merle/Mama Tried

Haggard, Merle/Motorcycle Cowboy

Haggard, Merle/Movin On

Haggard, Merle/My Favorite Memory

Haggard, Merle/My Friends Are All Gonna Be Strangers

Haggard, Merle/Natural High

Haggard, Merle/Okie From Muskogee

Haggard, Merle/Old Man From The Mountain

Haggard, Merle/Rainbow Stew

Haggard, Merle/Ramblin Fever

Haggard, Merle/Reasons To Quit

Haggard, Merle/Silver Wings

Haggard, Merle/Sing Me Back Home

Haggard, Merle/Someday When Things Are Good

Haggard, Merle/Swinging Doors

Haggard, Merle/Thats The Way Love Goes

Haggard, Merle/Things Arent Funny Anymore

Haggard, Merle/Today I Started Loving You Again

Haggard, Merle/Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star

Haggard, Merle/Working Man Cant Get Nowhere Today, A

Haggard, Merle/Working Mans Blues

Haggard, Merle/You Take Me For Granted

Haggard, Merle & Clint Eastwood/Misery And Gin

Haggard, Merle & George Jones/C C Waterback

Haggard, Merle & George Jones/Yesterdays Wine

Haggard, Merle & Jewel/Thats The Way Love Goes

Haggard, Merle & Willie Nelson/Pancho And Lefty

Hair/Aint Got No



Hair/Black Boys


Hair/Easy To Be Hard

Hair/Flesh Failures (let The Sunshine In)

Hair/Frank Mills

Hair/Going Down

Hair/Good Morning Starshine


Hair/I Believe In Love

Hair/I Got Life

Hair/Manchester England

Hair/My Conviction


Hair/What A Piece Of Work Is Man

Hair/Where Do I Go

Hair/White Boys

Haircut One Hundred/Love Plus One

Hairspray/You Can't Stop the Beat

Hakuna Matata/Hakuna Matata

Haley, Bill & The Comets/Rock Around The Clock

Haley, Bill & The Comets/Shake, Rattle & Roll

Hall & Oates/Family Man

Hall & Oates/I Cant Go For That

Hall & Oates/Kiss On My List

Hall & Oates/Maneater

Hall & Oates/One On One

Hall & Oates/Private Eyes

Hall & Oates/Rich Girl

Hall & Oates/Sara Smile

Hall & Oates/Shes Gone

Hall & Oates/So Close

Hall & Oates/Throw The Roses Away

Hall & Oats/Do It For Love

Hall, Aaron/All The Places I Will Kiss You

Hall, Daryl/Gloryland

Hall, Daryl & John Oates/Adult Education

Hall, Daryl & John Oates/Do It For Love

Hall, Daryl & John Oates/Method Of Modern Love

Hall, Daryl & John Oates/One On One

Hall, Daryl & John Oates/Out Of Touch

Hall, Daryl & John Oates/Sara Smile

Hall, Daryl & John Oates/You Make My Dreams

Hall, Tom T./Country Is

Hall, Tom T./Faster Horses(the Cowboy And The Poet)

Hall, Tom T./I Care

Hall, Tom T./I Like Beer

Hall, Tom T./I Love

Hall, Tom T./Negatory Romance

Hall, Tom T./Old Dogs Children & Watermelon Wine

Hall, Tom T./Old Dogs, Children And Watermelon Wine

Hall, Tom T./Ravishing Ruby

Hall, Tom T./That Song Is Driving Me Crazy

Hall, Tom T./Week In A Country Jail, A

Hall, Tom T./Year That Clayton Delaney Died, The

Halliwell, Geri/Calling

Halliwell, Geri/Its Raining Men

Halliwell, Geri/Look At Me

Halliwell, Geri/Mi Chico Latino

Halliwell, Geri/Ride It

Halliwell, Geri/Scream If You Wanna Go Faster

Hamilton/Dear Theodosia

Hamilton/The Schulyer sisters

Hamilton, Anthony/Cant Let Go

Hamilton, Anthony & David Banner/Cool

Hamilton, George Iv/Abilene

Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds/Dont Pull Your Love

Hamilton, Roy/Ebb Tide

Hammer/U Cant Touch This

Hammer, M.c./2 Legit 2 Quit

Hammer, M.c./Addams Groove

Hammer, M.c./Pray

Hammer, M.c./Too Legit To Quit

Hammond, Albert/It Never Rains In Southern California

Hand Clap, The/Hurricane Chris


Hands Open/Snow Patrol

Handy Man/Taylor, James

Hannah Montana/Nobodys Perfect

Hansard, Glen & Marketa Irglova/Falling Slowly

Hansen, Jennifer/Half A Heart Tattoo


Hanson/I Will Come To You

Hanson/If Only

Hanson/Lost without each other

Hanson/Mmm Bop

Hanson/This Time Around


Hanson, Jennifer/Beautiful Goodbye

Hanson, Jennifer/Half A Heart Tattoo

Hanson, Jennifer/This Far Gone

Happenings/I Got Rhythm

Happenings/See You In September

Happens All The Time/Cold

Happy Christmas(war Is Over)/Idols

Happy Hardcore/Never Ending Story

Happy Hardcore/Shooting Star

Happy Mondays/24 Hour Party People

Happy Mondays/Hallelujah

Happy Mondays/Kinky Afro

Happy Mondays/Step On

Happy Mondays/Stinkin Thinkin

Happy Mondays/Sunshine & Love

Happy Mondays/Wrote For Luck

Hard Fi/Cant Get Along

Hard Fi/Cash Machine

Hardiman, Gloria/Meet Me With Your Black Drawers On


Harling, Keith/Coming Back For You

Harling, Keith/Easy Makin Love

Harling, Keith/Papa Bear

Harling, Keith/There Goes The Neighborhood

Harling, Keith/Write It In Stone

Harper, Ben/Diamonds On The Inside

Harper, Ben & Innocent Criminals/Steal My Kisses

Harptones/Life Is But A Dream(slow Version)

Harris, Calvin/Girls

Harris, Calvin & florence/Sweet Nothing

Harris, Calvin and Feat Neyo/Lets go

Harris, Emmylou/Beneath Still Waters

Harris, Emmylou/Blue Kentucky Girl

Harris, Emmylou/Born To Run

Harris, Emmylou/Boulder To Birmingham

Harris, Emmylou/Boxer, The

Harris, Emmylou/Heartbreak Hill

Harris, Emmylou/Heaven Only Knows

Harris, Emmylou/High Powered Love

Harris, Emmylou/If I Could Only Win Your Love

Harris, Emmylou/Lost His Love On Our First Date

Harris, Emmylou/Lost His Love On Our Last Date

Harris, Emmylou/Making Believe

Harris, Emmylou/Mr. Sandman

Harris, Emmylou/Once More

Harris, Emmylou/One Of These Days

Harris, Emmylou/Rollin And Ramblin

Harris, Emmylou/Save The Last Dance For Me

Harris, Emmylou/Sweet Dreams

Harris, Emmylou/To Daddy

Harris, Emmylou/Together Again

Harris, Emmylou/Two More Bottles Of Wine

Harris, Emmylou/Wayfaring Stranger

Harris, Emmylou/You Never Can Tell Cest La Vie

Harris, Larnelle/How Excellent Is Thy Name

Harris, Major/Love Wont Let Me Wait

Harris, Richard/Macarthur Park

Harris, Rolf/Tie Me Kangaroo Down

Harris, Rolf/Two Little Boys

Harris, Rushlow/Bagpipes Cryin

Harris, Sam/Over The Rainbow

Harris, Thurston/Little Bitty Pretty One

Harrison, George/Got My Mind Set On You

Harrison, George/My Sweet Lord

Harrison, Wilbert/Kansas City

Harry, Debbie/French Kissin In The Usa

Harry, Debbie/I Want That Man

Hart, Beth/Delicious Surprise(i Believe)

Hart, Beth/

Hart, Corey/Sunglasses At Night

Hart, Freddie/Easy Loving

Hart, Freddie/Got The All Overs For You

Hart, Freddie/Super Kind Of Woman

Hart, Tara Lyn/Dont Ever Let Me Go

Hart, Tara Lyn/Stuff That Matters

Hart, Tara Lyn/Thats When You Came Along

Harter, J. Michael/Hard Call To Make

Harting, Keith/Papa Bear

Hartman, Dan/I Cant Dream About You

Hartman, Dan/Instant Replay

Harvey, Pj/Downby The Water

Harvey, Pj/Good Fortune

Harvey, Pj/One Line

Harvick, Kerry/Thats What Your Love Does

Haskell, Gordon/How Wonderful You Are

Hatch, Coney/Monkey Bars

Hatchet, Molly/Flirtin With Disaster

Hate( I Really Dont Like You)/Plain White Ts

Hathaway, Donny/This Christmas

Haun, Lindsey/Broken

Havent Found/Michel, Praz & Shari Mc Queen

Hawaiian~ho, Don/E Lei Ka Lei Lei

Hawaiian~ho, Don/Hawaiian Wedding Song

Hawaiian~ho, Don/Ill Remember

Hawaiian~ho, Don/Kuuipo~bora Bora

Hawaiian~ho, Don/Lovers Prayer, A

Hawaiian~ho, Don/Molokai

Hawaiian~ho, Don/Pua Carnation

Hawaiian~ho, Don/Sweet Someone

Hawaiian~ho, Don/Tiny Bubbles


Hawaiian~keola & Kapona Beamer/Honolulu City Lights

Hawaiian~keola & Kapona Beamer/Lovely Hula Hands

Hawaiian~krush/My Hawaii

Hawaiian~shaffer, Charlie/Pearly Shells

Hawkins, Hawkshaw/Lonesome77203

Hawkins, Ronnie/Mary Lou

Hawkins, Sophie B./Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover

Hawkins, Sophie B./Lose Your Way

Hawkins, Sophie B./Only Love

Hawkins, Sophie B./Walking In My Blue Jeans

Hawthorne Heights/Saying Sorry

Hawthorne, Mayer/Walk, The

Hayes, Darren/Insatiable

Hayes, Isaac/Walk On By

Hayes, Wade/Day She Left Tulsa In A Chevy, The

Hayes, Wade/Dont Stop

Hayes, Wade/Goodbye Is The Wrong Way To Go

Hayes, Wade/How Do You Sleep At Night

Hayes, Wade/Im Still Dancin With You

Hayes, Wade/Its Over My Head

Hayes, Wade/Old Enough To Know Better

Hayes, Wade/On A Good Night

Hayes, Wade/Tore Up From The Floor Up

Hayes, Wade/Up North

Hayes, Wade/Up North(down South Back East Out West)

Hayes, Wade/What I Meant To Say

Hayes, Wade/When The Wrong One Loves You Right

Hayes, Wade/Where Do I Go To Start All Over

Hayes, Wade/Wichita Lineman

haymes, dick/it might as well be spring

Haynes, Susan/Drinkin In My Sunday Dress

Hayward, Justin/Forever Autumn

He Reigns/Newsboys

Head East/Never Been Any Reason

Head, Murray/One Night In Bangkok

Head, Roy/Treat Her Right

head, roy & traits/just a little bit

Headley, Heather/He Is

Headley, Heather/I Wish I Wasnt

Headley, Heather/In My Mind

Headlines( Friendship Never Ends)/Spice Girls

Headpins/Kar 005 Dont It Make You Feel


Hearsay/Lovin Is Easy

Hearsay/Pure And Simple

Hearsay/Way To Your Love, The

Heart/All I Wanna Do



Heart/Crazy On You

Heart/Dreamboat Annie


Heart/If Looks Could Kill

Heart/Magic Man


Heart/Nothin At All

Heart/Straight On


Heart/Tell It Like It Is

Heart/These Dreams

Heart/What About Love

Heart/Will You Be There

Heart/Woman In Me, The

Heartbreak Blvd./Shotgun Messiah

Heartbreak Station/Cinderella

Heartbreakers/Here Comes My Girl

Heartland/I Loved Her First

Heartland/Lets Get Dirty

Heatherly, Eric/Flowers On The Wall

Heatherly, Eric/Last Man Committed, The

Heatherly, Eric/Sometimes Its Just Your Time

Heatherly, Eric/Swimming In Champagne

Heatherly, Eric/Wrong Five Oclock

Heatwave/Boogie Nights

Heaven/Mary Mary


Heavy Metal( Takin’ A Ride)/Felder, Don

Hebb, Bobby/Sunny

Hed Planet Earth/Bartender

Hedwig/Angry inch

Hedwig/Origin of love

Hedwig/Midnight radio

Hedwig/Wicked little town

Hedwig/Wig in a box

Heigh/Snow White

Heights/How Do You Talk To An Angel

Hell Have To Go/Hell Have To Go

Hello Dolly/Hello Dolly

Hellogoodbye/Here ( In Your Arms)

Helms, Bobby/Fraulein

Helms, Bobby/Jingle Bell Rock

Helms, Bobby/My Special Angel

Helplessly Hoping/Helplessly Hoping

Henderson, Ainsley/Keep Me A Secret

Henderson, Ella/Ghost

Hendrix, Amanda E./Joy And Pain

Hendrix, Jimi/All Along The Watchtower

Hendrix, Jimi/Are You Experienced

Hendrix, Jimi/Cross Town Traffic

Hendrix, Jimi/Fire

Hendrix, Jimi/Foxy Lady

Hendrix, Jimi/Hey Joe

Hendrix, Jimi/Little Miss Lover

Hendrix, Jimi/Little Wing

Hendrix, Jimi/Manic Depression

Hendrix, Jimi/Purple Haze

Hendrix, Jimi/Red House

Hendrix, Jimi/Stone Free

Hendrix, Jimi/Wind Cries Mary, The

Hendrix, Jimi/You Got Me Floatin

Henley, Bill & Jennifer Warnes/Ive Had The Time Of My Life

Henley, Don/All She Wants To Do Is Dance

Henley, Don/Boys Of Summer, The

Henley, Don/Dirty Laundry

Henley, Don/End Of The Innocence, The

Henley, Don/For My Wedding

Henley, Don/Heart Of The Matter, The

Henley, Don/I Will Not Go Quietly

Henley, Don/Last Worthless Evening, The

Henley, Don/New York Minute

Henley, Don/Not Enough Love In The World

Henley, Don/Sunset Grill

Henley, Don/You Dont Know Me At All

Hennessy, Carly/Im Gonna Blow Your Mind

Henry, Clarence/But I Do(i Dont Know Why I Love Yo

Henry, Clarence Frogman/Aint Got No Home

Henry, Clarence Frogman/But I Do

Hermans Hermits/Cant You Hear My Heartbeat

Hermans Hermits/Groovy Kind Of Love

Hermans Hermits/Hermans Hermits Medley

Hermans Hermits/Im Henry The Viii, I Am

Hermans Hermits/Im Into Something Good

Hermans Hermits/Just A Little Bit Better

Hermans Hermits/Listen People

Hermans Hermits/Mrs. Brown You’ve Got A Lovely Daughter

Hermans Hermits/Must To Avoid, A

Hermans Hermits/No Milk Today

Hermans Hermits/Silhouettes

Hermans Hermits/Sleepy Joe

Hermans Hermits/Somethings Happening

Hermans Hermits/Sunshine Girl

Hermans Hermits/Theres A Kind Of Hush

Hermans Hermits/Wonderful World

Hermans Hermits/Years May Come Years May Go

Hermes House Band/Country Roads

Hernandez, Marcos/The Way I Do

Hernandez, Marcos/Way I Do

Hernandez, Miriam/Un Hombre Secreto

Hernandez, Patrick/Born To Be Alive

Herndon, Ty/Few Short Years, A

Herndon, Ty/Hands Of A Working Man

Herndon, Ty/Heathers Wall

Herndon, Ty/I Have To Surrender

Herndon, Ty/I Want My Goodbye Back

Herndon, Ty/In Your Face

Herndon, Ty/It Must Be Love

Herndon, Ty/Living In A Moment

Herndon, Ty/Love Like That, A

Herndon, Ty/Loved Too Much

Herndon, Ty/Man Holdin On, A

Herndon, Ty/No Mercy

Herndon, Ty/She Wants To Be Wanted Again

Herndon, Ty/Steam

Herndon, Ty/What Mattered Most

Herndon, Ty & Tanya Tucker/Dont Stop Breaking My Heart

Hero Heroine/Boys Like Girls


Hewitt, Jennifer Love/Bare Naked

Hi/Shes Playing Hard To Get

Hi Gloss/Youll Never Know

Hicks, Taylor/Heaven Knows

Hide U/Kosheen

Higgins, Bertie/Casablanca

Higgins, Bertie/Key Largo

Higgins, Missy/Scar

Higgins, Missy/Where I Stood

High/Blundt, James

High Lonesome/Jedd Hughes

high school musical/get cha head in the game (b5 version)

high school musical/get cha head in the game (dvd version)

high school musical/I cant take my eyes off of you

high school musical/start of something new

high school musical/stick to thes tatus quo

High School Musical2/All For One

High School Musical2/Bet On It

High School Musical2/Everyday

High School Musical2/Fabulous

High School Musical2/Fabulous( No Backing Vocals)

High School Musical2/Gotta Go My Own Way Solo)

High School Musical2/Gotta Go My Own Way( Duet)

High School Musical2/Humu humu nuku nuku apuaa

High School Musical2/I Dont Dance

High School Musical2/I Dont Dance( No Backing Vocals)

High School Musical2/What Time Is It

High School Musical2/Work This Out

High School Musical2/You Are The Music In Me

Highway101/Bed You Made For Me, The

Highway101/Do You Love Me Just Say Yes

Highway101/Honky Tonk Baby

Highway101/Honky Tonk Heart

Highway101/Setting Me Up

Highway101/Somewhere Tonight

Highway101/Walkin Talkin Cryin Barely Beatin

Highway101/Whered You Get Your Cheatin From

Highway101/Whiskey, If You Were A Woman


Highwaymen/Michael Row The Boat Ashore

Hilary Duff/Come Clean

Hill, Dan/Sometimes When We Touch

Hill, Dru/I Should Be...

Hill, Dru/In My Bed

Hill, Dru/These Are The Times

Hill, Dru/You Are Everything

Hill, F & Mc Graw, T./Just To Here You Say That You Love Me

Hill, Faith/Breathe

Hill, Faith/Bringing Out The Elvis

Hill, Faith/But I Will

Hill, Faith/Cry

Hill, Faith/Free

Hill, Faith/Hard Way, The

Hill, Faith/I Cant Do That Anymore

Hill, Faith/I Got My Baby

Hill, Faith/If I Should Fall Behind

Hill, Faith/If Im Not In Love

Hill, Faith/If My Heart Had Wings

Hill, Faith/It Matters To Me

Hill, Faith/It Will Be Me

Hill, Faith/Just About Now

Hill, Faith/Just To Hear You Say You Love Me

Hill, Faith/Let Me Let Go

Hill, Faith/Lets Go To Vegas

Hill, Faith/Lets Make Love

Hill, Faith/Like We Never Loved At All

Hill, Faith/Lost

Hill, Faith/Love Aint Like That

Hill, Faith/Love Is A Sweet Thing

Hill, Faith/Love The Way You Love Me

Hill, Faith/Lucky One, The

Hill, Faith/Mans Home Is His Castle, A

Hill, Faith/Mississippi Girl

Hill, Faith/One

Hill, Faith/Piece Of My Heart

Hill, Faith/Secret Of Life, The

Hill, Faith/Somebody Stand By Me

Hill, Faith/Someone Elses Dream

Hill, Faith/Star Spangled Banner

Hill, Faith/Stealing Kisses

Hill, Faith/Stronger

Hill, Faith/Take Me As I Am

Hill, Faith/Thats How Love Moves

Hill, Faith/There Will Come A Day

Hill, Faith/There Youll Be

Hill, Faith/This Kiss

Hill, Faith/Way You Love Me, The

Hill, Faith/Whats In It For Me

Hill, Faith/When The Lights Go Down

Hill, Faith/Where Are You Christmas

Hill, Faith/Wild One

Hill, Faith/You Cant Lose Me

Hill, Faith/You Give Me Love

Hill, Faith/Youre Still Here

Hill, Faith & Tim Mcgraw/Just To Hear You Say You Love Me

Hill, Faith & Tim Mcgraw/Lets Make Love

Hill, Faith & Tim Mcgraw/Like We Never Loved At All

Hill, Faith & Vince Gill/Let Me Let Go

Hill, Ingram/Almost Perfect

Hill, Jessie/Ooh Poo Pah Doo

Hill, Jordan/For The Love Of You

Hill, Kim/Janies Gone Fishing

Hill, Lauryn/Cant Take My Eyes Off Of You

Hill, Lauryn/Doo Wap(that Thing)

Hill, Marian/Down

Hillbillies/Hot Apple Pie

Hillbilly Nation/Cowboy Crush

Hillside Singers, The/Id Like To Teach The World To Sing


Hilton, Tyler/How Love Should Be

Hilton, Tyler/When It Comes

Hinder/Get Stoned

Hinder/Better Than Me

Hinder/Get Stoned

Hinder/Lips Of An Angel

Hinder/Up All Night

Hip Hop Police/Chamillionaire & Slick Rick

Hiphopapotamus Vs Rhymenocerous/Flight Of The Conchords


Hitman Sammy Sam/Step Daddy

Hives/Hate To Say I Told You So

Hives/Main Offender

Hives, The/Walk Idiot Walk

Ho, Don/Tiny Bubbles

Hobbs, Becky/Country Girls

Hobbs, Becky/I Cant Fight This Feeling Anymore

Hobbs, Becky/Talk Back Trembling Lips

Hoffman, Billy/All I Wanted Was You

Hoffman, Billy/Youre The Ticket

Hoku/Another Dumb Blonde

Hoku/Perfect Day


Hole/Celebrity Skin

Hole/Doll Parts

Hole/Gold Dust Woman


Holiday Songs/Auld Lang Syne

Holiday, Billie/Aint Nobodys Business

Holiday, Billie/All Of Me

Holiday, Billie/All The Way

Holiday, Billie/Crazy He Calls Me

Holiday, Billie/Dont Explain

Holiday, Billie/Dont Worry Bout Me

Holiday, Billie/Easy Living Solitude

Holiday, Billie/God Bless The Child

Holiday, Billie/Good Morning Heartache

Holiday, Billie/Hes Funny That Way

Holiday, Billie/It Might As Well Be Spring

Holiday, Billie/Just One More Chance(2)

Holiday, Billie/Misty

Holiday, Billie/My Man

Holiday, Billie/orange colored sky

Holiday, Billie/Strange Fruit

Holiday, Billie/Them There Eyes

Holiday, Billie/Travelin Light

Holiday, Billie/Tweedle Dee

Holiday, Billie/What A Difference A Day Makes

Holiday, Billie/Youre My Thrill

Holiday, J/Bed

Holiday, Jennifer/And I Am Telling You Im Not Going

Hollaback Girl/Stefani, Gwen

Holland, Greg/When I Come Back

Holliday, Michael/Starry Eyed

Hollies/Air That I Breathe, The

Hollies/Bus Stop

Hollies/Carrie Ann

Hollies/He Aint Heavy Hes My Brother

Hollies/Im Alive

Hollies/Just One Look

Hollies/Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress

Hollies/On A Carousel

Hollies/Sorry Suzanne

Hollies/Stop Stop Stop

Hollies, The/Bus Stop

Holloway, Stanley/Any Old Iron

Holly, Buddy/Baby I Dont Care

Holly, Buddy/Bo Diddley

Holly, Buddy/Brown Eyed Handsome Man

Holly, Buddy/Early In The Morning

Holly, Buddy/Everyday

Holly, Buddy/Heartbeat

Holly, Buddy/It Doesnt Matter Anymore

Holly, Buddy/Its So Easy

Holly, Buddy/Listen To Me

Holly, Buddy/Maybe Baby

Holly, Buddy/Medley (oh Boy~ Peggy Sue~ Thatll Be The Day)

Holly, Buddy/Medley (true Love Ways~ Raining In My Heart~ Hea

Holly, Buddy/Not Fade Away

Holly, Buddy/Oh Boy

Holly, Buddy/Peggy Sue

Holly, Buddy/Peggy Sue Got Married

Holly, Buddy/Raining In My Heart

Holly, Buddy/Rave On

Holly, Buddy/Thatll Be The Day

Holly, Buddy/Think It Over

Holly, Buddy/True Love Way

Holly, Buddy/True Love Ways

Holly, Buddy/Well All Right

Holly, Buddy/Wishing

Holly, Buddy/Words Of Love

Holly, Buddy & The Crickets/Oh Boy

Holly, Buddy & The Crickets/Peggy Sue

Holly, Buddy & The Crickets/Thatll Be The Day

Hollywood/Collective Soul

Hollywood Argyles/Alley Oop

Holman, Eddie/Hey There Lonely Girl

Holmes, Monty/Alone

Holmes, Monty/Leave My Mama Out Of This

Holmes, Rupert/Eape(the Pina Colada Song)

Holmes, Rupert/Him

Holy Is The Lord/Tomlin, Chris

Holy, Steve/Blue Moon

Holy, Steve/Dont Make Me Beg

Holy, Steve/Good Morning Beautiful

Holy, Steve/Hunger, The

Holy, Steve/Im Not Breakin

Holy, Steve/Rockabye Heart

Holy, Steve/Men Buy The Drinks Girls Call The Shots

Hombres/Let It All Hang Out

home/three days grace


Homer & Jethro/Battle Of Kookamonga, The

Hometown News/Minivan

Hometown News/Wheels

Honey Cone/Want Ads

Honeycombs/Have I The Right

Honeydrippers/Sea Of Love

Honeymoon Suite/New Girl Now

Honeysuckle Sweet/Jessi Alexander

Honeyz/I Dont Know

Honky Cat/John, Elton

Honky Tonk Women/Rolling Stones

Hoobastank/Crawling In The Dark


Hoobastank/Disappear( Pop Remix)

Hoobastank/If I Were You

Hoobastank/Inside Of You

Hoobastank/Out Of Control

Hoobastank/Reason, The

Hoobastank/Remember Me

Hoobastank/Right Before Your Eyes

Hoobastank/Running Away

Hoobastank/The Reason


Hood Figga/Gorilla Zoe

Hooker, John Lee/Boom Boom Boom

Hooker, John Lee/Im In The Mood

Hooker, John Lee/One Bourbon, One Scotch

Hoople, Mott/All The Young Dudes

Hooray For Hollywood/Hooray For Hollywood

Hoosiers, The/Goodbye Mr. A

Hooters/And We Danced

Hootie & The Blowfish/Be The One

Hootie & The Blowfish/Hannah Jane

Hootie & The Blowfish/Hold My Hand

Hootie & The Blowfish/I Go Blind

Hootie & The Blowfish/I Only Wanna Be With You

Hootie & The Blowfish/I Will Wait

Hootie & The Blowfish/Let Her Cry

Hootie & The Blowfish/Let Her Cry

Hootie & The Blowfish/Let It Breathe

Hootie & The Blowfish/Old Man & Me

Hootie & The Blowfish/One Love

Hootie & The Blowfish/Only Lonely

Hootie & The Blowfish/Only Wanna Be With You

Hootie & The Blowfish/Sad Caper

Hootie & The Blowfish/Time

Hootie & The Blowfish/Tootie

Hootie & The Blowfish/Tuckers Town

Hope, Bob/Thanks For The Memory

Hopkin, Mary/Those Were The Days

Horn, James/Texas Diary

Horn, Shirly/Hit The Road Jack

Horne, Lena/I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues

Horne, Lena/Stormy Weather

Hornsby, Bruce/Harbor Lights

Hornsby, Bruce/Valley Road, The

Hornsby, Bruce/Walk In The Sun

Hornsby, Bruce & The Range/Mandolin Rain

Hornsby, Bruce & The Range/Way It Is, The

Horton, Johnny/Battle Of New Orleans, The

Horton, Johnny/Johnny Reb

Horton, Johnny/North To Alaska

Horton, Johnny/When Its Springtime In Alaska

Hot/Angel In Your Arms

Hot Chocolate/Every Ones A Winner

Hot Chocolate/You Sexy Thing

Hot Hot Heat/Bandages

Hot Hot Heat/Middle Of Nowhere

Hot Hot Heat/Talk To Me, Dance With Me

Hot Stylz & Yung Joc/Lookin Boy

Hough, Julianne/My Hallelujah Song

Hough, Julianne/That Song In My Head

House Of Pain/Jump Around

House, James/Anything For Love

House, James/This Is Me Missing You

Housemartins, The/Happy hour

Houser, Randy/Anything Goes

Houston & Pendergrass/Hold Me

Houston, D. & T. Wynette/My Elusive Dreams

Houston, David/Almost Persuaded

Houston, David/Baby Baby I Know Youre A Lady

Houston, David/Have A Little Faith

Houston, David/I Do My Swinging At Home

Houston, David/With One Exception

Houston, David/Woman Always Knows, A

Houston, David/You Mean The World To Me

Houston, Evans & Kelly/Heartbreak Hotel

Houston, Marques/All Because Of You

Houston, Marques/Naked

Houston, Marques/Pop That Booty

Houston, Marques/That Girl

Houston, Marquis/Circle

Houston, Thelma/Dont Leave Me This Way

Houston, Walter/September Song

Houston, Whitney/All At Once

Houston, Whitney/All The Man That I Need

Houston, Whitney/Count On Me

Houston, Whitney/Didnt We Almost Have It All

Houston, Whitney/Exhale

Houston, Whitney/Exhale(shoop Shoop)

Houston, Whitney/Greatest Love Of All, The

Houston, Whitney/Heartbreak Hotel

Houston, Whitney/How Will I Know

Houston, Whitney/I Believe In You & Me

Houston, Whitney/I Believe In You And Me

Houston, Whitney/I Have Nothing

Houston, Whitney/I Learned From The Best

Houston, Whitney/I Love The Lord(preachers Wife)

Houston, Whitney/I Wanna Dance With Somebody

Houston, Whitney/I Will Always Love You

Houston, Whitney/Im Every Woman

Houston, Whitney/Im Your Baby Tonight

Houston, Whitney/Its Not Right

Houston, Whitney/Its Not Right But Its Okay

Houston, Whitney/Jesus Loves Me

Houston, Whitney/Miracle

Houston, Whitney/My Heart Is Calling

Houston, Whitney/My Love Is Your Love

Houston, Whitney/My Name Is Not Susan

Houston, Whitney/One Moment In Time

Houston, Whitney/One Of Those Days

Houston, Whitney/Queen Of The Night

Houston, Whitney/Run To You

Houston, Whitney/Saving All My Love For You

Houston, Whitney/So Emotional

Houston, Whitney/Star Spangled Banner

Houston, Whitney/Step By Step

Houston, Whitney/Try It On My Own

Houston, Whitney/Unashamed

Houston, Whitney/Waiting To Exhale

Houston, Whitney/Whatcha Lookin At

Houston, Whitney/Whatchulookinat

Houston, Whitney/Where Do Broken Hearts Go

Houston, Whitney/Why Does It Hurt So Bad

Houston, Whitney/You Give Good Love

Houston, Whitney & Cece Winans/Count On Me

Houston, Whitney & Enrique Iglesias/Could I Have This Kiss Forever

Houston, Whitney & Enrique Iglesias/Same Script, Different Cast

Houston, Whitney & Mariah Carey/Duet When You Believe

Houston, Whitney, F. Evans & K. Price/Heartbreak Hotel

Howard, Adina/Freak Like Me

Howard, Eddy/Youll Never Walk Alone

Howard, Miki/Aint Nobody Like You

Howard, Rebecca Lynn/Forgive

Howard, Rebecca Lynn/I Need A Vacation

Howard, Rebecca Lynn/No One Will Ever Love Me

Howard, Rebecca Lynn/Out Here In The Water

Howard, Rebecca Lynn/Sing Cause I Love To

Howard, Rebecca Lynn/Thats Why I Hate Pontiacs

Howard, Rebecca Lynn/This Love

Howard, Rebecca Lynn/What A Shame

Howard, Rebecca Lynn/When My Dream Comes True

Howdy, Boy/She Cant Love You

Howdy, Boy/Shed Give Anything

Howlin Wolf/Spoonful

Hozier/Arsonists Lullaby

Hozier/Take me to church

Hozier/Someone new

Htown/Knockin Da Boots

Htwo O & Platnum/Whats It Gonna Be

Hudgens, Vanessa/Say Ok

Hudson, Jennifer/And I Am Telling You Im Not Going

Hudson, Jennifer/Spotlight

Hue & Cry/Labour Of Love

Hue & Cry/Looking For Linda

Hue And Cry/Labour Of Love

Hue And Cry/Looking For Linda

Hues Corporation/Rock The Boat

Huey/Pop, Lock And Drop It

Huey Lewis & The News/Heart Of Rock & Roll, The

Huey Lewis & The News/If This Is It

Huey Lewis & The News/Stuck With You

Hugues, Tim/Here I Am To Worship

Human League/Dony You Want Me

Human League/Human

Human League/Human

Humble Pie/30 Days In The Hole

Hummers In Heaven/Hummers In Heaven

Hummon, Marcus/Gods Country Usa

Humperdinck, Engelbert/After The Loving

Humperdinck, Engelbert/Am I Easy To Forget

Humperdinck, Engelbert/Am I That Easy To Forget

Humperdinck, Engelbert/Angeles

Humperdinck, Engelbert/Another Place, Another Time

Humperdinck, Engelbert/Another Time, Another Place

Humperdinck, Engelbert/By The Time I Get To Phoenix

Humperdinck, Engelbert/Call On Me

Humperdinck, Engelbert/Cant Take My Eyes Off You

Humperdinck, Engelbert/Domage Domage(too Bad, Too Bad)

Humperdinck, Engelbert/El Mondo

Humperdinck, Engelbert/Everybody Knows Were Through

Humperdinck, Engelbert/From Here To Eternity

Humperdinck, Engelbert/Funny Familiar Forgotton Feelings

Humperdinck, Engelbert/Last Waltz, The

Humperdinck, Engelbert/Les Bicyclettes De Belsize

Humperdinck, Engelbert/Love Me With All Your Heart

Humperdinck, Engelbert/Man And A Woman, A

Humperdinck, Engelbert/Man Without Love, A

Humperdinck, Engelbert/Misty Blue

Humperdinck, Engelbert/Mona Lisa

Humperdinck, Engelbert/Quando, Quando, Quando

Humperdinck, Engelbert/Release Me

Humperdinck, Engelbert/Release Me(and Let Me Love Again)

Humperdinck, Engelbert/Shadow Of Your Smile, The

Humperdinck, Engelbert/Spanish Eyes

Humperdinck, Engelbert/Stardust

Humperdinck, Engelbert/Ten Guitars

Humperdinck, Engelbert/There Goes My Everything

Humperdinck, Engelbert/Theres A Kind Of Hush(all Over The World)

Humperdinck, Engelbert/This Moment In Time

Humperdinck, Engelbert/Till

Humperdinck, Engelbert/Up Up & Away

Humperdinck, Engelbert/What A Wonderful World

Humperdinck, Engelbert/What Now My Love

Humperdinck, Engelbert/When I Say Goodnight

Humperdinck, Engelbert/Winter Wonderland

Humperdinck, Engelbert/Winter World Of Love

Humperdinck, Engerbert/Quando Quando Quando

Hungry Eyes/Carmen, Eric

Hunt, Sam/Break up in a small town

Hunt, Sam/Body like a back road

Hunt, Sam/House Party

Hunt, Sam/Take your time

Hunt, Billy/Jam, The

Hunter, Alfonzo/Weekend Thang

Hunter, Ian/Cleveland Rocks

Hunter, Ivory Joe/Empty Arms

Hunter, Ivory Joe/Since I Met You Baby

Hunter, Tab/Young Love

Hurricane Chris/A Bay Bay

Hurricane, Chris/Bay Bay, A

Husky, Ferlin/Country Music Is Here To Stay

Husky, Ferlin/I Feel Better All Over

Husky, Ferlin/Wings Of A Dove

Hutton, Betty/It Had To Be You

Hyland, Brian/Baby Face

Hyland, Brian/Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

Hyland, Brian/Sealed With A Kiss

Hypnotize/System Of A Down

Hypnotized/Plies & Akon