Artist That start with "L"

Artist / Title

L A V I G N E, A V R I L/H O T


L L Cool J & Jennifer Lopez/Control Myself

L. T. D./Back In Love Again

L.t.d./Every Time I Turn Around

L.t.d./Love Ballad

La Belle, Patti/New Day

La Bouche/Be My Lover

La Bouche/Sweet Dreams

La Cage Aux Folles/Best Of Times, The

La Cage Aux Folles/I Am What I Am

La Cage Aux Folles/Maara Song

La Roux/Bulletproof

Labelle, Patti/If Only You Knew

Labelle, Patti/Lady Marmalade

Labelle, Patti/Love, Need And Want You

Labelle, Patti/New Attitude

Labelle, Patti/When You Talk About Love

Labelle, Patti & Mary J. Blige/Aint No Way

Labelle, Patti & Michael Mcdonald/On My Own


labrinth & Emelie/Beneath your beautiful

Lace/I Want A Man

Lace/You Couldve Had Me

Lachey, Nic/This I Swear

Lachey, Nick/Shut Up

Lachey, Nick/Whats Left Of Me

Ladies Of The World/Flight Of The Conchords

Lady & The Tramp/Hes A Tramp

Lady Antebellum/American Honey

Lady Antebellum/Lookin For A Good Time

Lady Antebellum/Love Dont Live Here

Lady Antebellum/Need you now

Lady Ga Ga/Donatella

Lady Gaga/Alejandro

Lady Gaga/Bad Romance

Lady Gaga/Dance in the Dark

Lady Gaga/Edge of Glory, The

Lady Gaga/Judas

Lady Gaga/Just Dance

Lady Gaga/Love Game

Lady Gaga/Monster

Lady Gaga/Paparrazzi

Lady Gaga/Poker Face

Lady Gaga/So Happy I could die

Lady Gaga/Telephone

Lady Gaga/Born this way

lady Gaga/Applause

Lady GaGa/Edge of Glory

Lady Gaga/You and I

Laine, Frankie/That Lucky Old Sun

Lake, Greg/I Believe In Father Christmas

Lakeside/Fantastic Voyage

Lamar, Holly/These Are The Days

Lambert, Miranda/Automatic

Lambert, Miranda/Bad Boy

Lambert, Miranda/Bring Me Down

Lambert, Miranda/Crazy Ex Girlfriend

Lambert, Miranda/Famous In A Small Town

Lambert, Miranda/Girls

Lambert, Miranda/Gunpowder And Lead

Lambert, Miranda/Holding on to you

Lambert, Miranda/House that built me

Lambert, Miranda/Kerosene

Lambert, Miranda/Love your memory

Lambert, Miranda/Me And Charlie Talking

Lambert, Miranda/More Like Her

Lambert, Miranda/New Strings

Lambert, Miranda/White liar

Lambert, Miranda/Heart like mine

Lambert, Miranda/Mama's broken heart

Lambert, Miranda/Oklahoma sky

Lambert, Miranda/Over you

Lambert, Miranda/Pushin time

Lambert, Miranda/Roots and wings

Lambert, Miranda/Smokin and drinkin

Lambert, Miranda/Use my heart

Lambert, Miranda/Vice

Lambert, Miranda/Virginia bluebell

Lambert, Miranda/We should be friends

Lambert, Miranda/Well rested

Lampa, Rachael/Live For You

Lampa, Rachael/No Greater Love

Land Before Time, The/If We Hold On Together

Land Of A Thousand Words/Scissor Sisters

Landsborough, Charlie/What Color Is The Wind

Lane, Cristy/One Day At A Time

Lane, Frankie/Rawhide

Lane, Tom/Doughnut Song

Lang, Johnny/Lie To Me

Lang, Johnny/Still Rainin

Lang, K D/Helpless

Lang, K. D./Im Down To My Last Cigarette

Lang, K.d./Constant Craving

Lang, K.d./Down To My Last Cigarette

Lang, K.d./Lock Stock And Teardrops

Lang, K.d./Summerfling

Lanza, Mario/Be My Love

Larsen, Blaine/Best Man, The

Larsen, Blaine/How Do You Get That Lonely

Larsen, Blaine/Spoken Like A Man

Larson, Blaine/I Dont Know What She Said

Larson, Brie/Life After You

Larson, Brie/She Said

Larson, Nicolette/Lotta Love

Las Ketchup/Ketchup Song, The



Last Good Time/Flynnville Train

Last Goodbye/Buckley, Jeff

Last Name/Carrie Underwood

Last Request/Nutini, Paolo

Last Time, The/Rolling Stones, The

Last Trailers, The/Why Me

Latimer, Kenny/For You


Lattimore, Kenny/For You

Lattimore, Kenny/If I Lose My Woman

Lattimore, Kenny/You Are My Starship

Lattisaw, Stacy/Love On A Two Way Street

Lauper, Cyndi/Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Lauper, Cyndi/Money Changes Everything

Lauper, Cyndi/She Bop

Lauper, Cyndi/Time After Time

Lauper, Cyndi/True Colors

Lauper, Cyndi & Beck, Jeff/Above The Clouds

Lavgne, Avril/Losing Grip

Lavgne, Avril/Sk8ter Boy

Lavigne, Avril/Girlfriend

Lavigne, Avril/Anything But Ordinary

Lavigne, Avril/Complicated

Lavigne, Avril/Dont Tell Me

Lavigne, Avril/Fall To Pieces

Lavigne, Avril/Falling Down

Lavigne, Avril/Girlfriend

Lavigne, Avril/He Wasnt

Lavigne, Avril/Hot

Lavigne, Avril/I Dont Give

Lavigne, Avril/Im With You

Lavigne, Avril/Keep Holding On

Lavigne, Avril/Losing Grip

Lavigne, Avril/Losing My Grip

Lavigne, Avril/Mobile

Lavigne, Avril/My Happy Ending

Lavigne, Avril/My World

Lavigne, Avril/Naked

Lavigne, Avril/Nobodys Fool

Lavigne, Avril/Nobodys Home

Lavigne, Avril/Sk8ter Boi

Lavigne, Avril/Things Ill Never Say

Lavigne, Avril/Tomorrow

Lavigne, Avril/Unwanted

Lavigne, Avril/When Youre Gone

Lavigne, Avril & Chantal, Kreviazuk/Oh Holy Night

Lavigne, Avril & Lil Mama/Girlfriend( Remix)

Lawrence, Steve/Footsteps

Lawrence, Steve/Go Away Little Girl

Lawrence, Steve/I Want To Stay Here

Lawrence, Steve/Ive Gotta Be Me

Lawrence, Steve/Poor Little Rich Girl

Lawrence, Steve/Portrait Of My Love, A

Lawrence, Steve/Pretty Blue Eyes

Lawrence, Steve & Edie Gorme/Green Eyes

Lawrence, Steve & Edie Gorme/Together Wherever We Go

Lawrence, Tracey/Find Out Who Your Friends Are

Lawrence, Tracy/Alibis

Lawrence, Tracy/As Any Fool Can See

Lawrence, Tracy/Better Man Better Off

Lawrence, Tracy/Cant Break It To My Heart

Lawrence, Tracy/Coast Is Clear, The

Lawrence, Tracy/Find Out Who Your Friends Are

Lawrence, Tracy/How A Cowgirl Says Goodbye

Lawrence, Tracy/I Hope Heaven Has A Honky Tonk

Lawrence, Tracy/I See It Now

Lawrence, Tracy/If I Dont Make It Back

Lawrence, Tracy/If The Good Die Young

Lawrence, Tracy/If The World Had A Front Porch

Lawrence, Tracy/If You Loved Me

Lawrence, Tracy/Ill Never Pass This Way Again

Lawrence, Tracy/Is That A Tear

Lawrence, Tracy/Its All How You Look At It

Lawrence, Tracy/Lessons Learned

Lawrence, Tracy/Life Dont Have To Be So Hard

Lawrence, Tracy/Lonely

Lawrence, Tracy/My Second Home

Lawrence, Tracy/One Step Ahead Of The Storm

Lawrence, Tracy/Paint Me A Birmingham

Lawrence, Tracy/Renegades, Rebels And Rogues

Lawrence, Tracy/Runnin Behind

Lawrence, Tracy/Sawdust On Her Halo

Lawrence, Tracy/Stars Over Texas

Lawrence, Tracy/Sticks And Stones

Lawrence, Tracy/Texas Tornado

Lawrence, Tracy/Til I Was A Daddy Too

Lawrence, Tracy/Time Marches On

Lawrence, Tracy/Todays Lonely Fool

Lawrence, Tracy/Unforgiven

Lawrence, Tracy/Used To The Pain

Lawrence, Tracy/We Dont Love Here Anymore

Lawrence, Tracy/What A Memory

Lawrence, Tracy/While You Sleep

Lawrence, Vicki/Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia, The

Laws, Debra/Very Special

lawson/standing in the dark

Lawson, Ellie/Gotta Get Up From Here

Lawson, Shannon/Dream Your Way To Me

Lawson, Shannon/Everybody Wants( Something They Cant Have)

Lawson, Shannon/Goodbye On A Bad Day

Lawson, Shannon/Just Like A Redneck

Lay Your Hands/Webbe, Simon

Lazy Town/Bing Bang( Time To Dance)

Lean Back/Terror Squad & Fat Joe & Remy

Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It/Dem Franchize Boyz

Leary, Dennis/Ahole

Leary, Dennis/Asshole

Led Zeppelin/All My Love

Led Zeppelin/Babe Im Gonna Leave You

Led Zeppelin/Black Dog

Led Zeppelin/Bring It On Home

Led Zeppelin/Celebration Day

Led Zeppelin/Communication Breakdown

Led Zeppelin/Crunge, The

Led Zeppelin/Custard Pie

Led Zeppelin/Dancing Days

Led Zeppelin/Dazed And Confused

Led Zeppelin/Dyer Maker

Led Zeppelin/Fool In The Rain

Led Zeppelin/Going To California

Led Zeppelin/Good Times Bad Times

Led Zeppelin/Heartbreaker

Led Zeppelin/Hey Hey What Can I Do

Led Zeppelin/Houses Of The Holy

Led Zeppelin/How Many More Times

Led Zeppelin/I Cant Quit You Baby

Led Zeppelin/Immigrant Song

Led Zeppelin/Kashmir

Led Zeppelin/Living Loving Maid Shes Just A Woman

Led Zeppelin/Misty Mountain Hop

Led Zeppelin/Ocean, The

Led Zeppelin/Out On The Tiles

Led Zeppelin/Over The Hills And Far Away

Led Zeppelin/Ramble On

Led Zeppelin/Rock And Roll

Led Zeppelin/Stairway To Heaven

Led Zeppelin/Thank You

Led Zeppelin/Traveling Riverside Blues

Led Zeppelin/What Is And What Should Never Be

Led Zeppelin/When The Levee Breaks

Led Zeppelin/Whole Lotta Love

Led Zeppelin/Your Time Is Gonna Come

Ledoux, Chris/Cowboy Up

Ledoux, Chris/Horsepower

Ledoux, Chris/Stampede

Ledoux, Chris & G. Brooks/Whatcha Gonna Do With A Cowboy

Lee Ann Womack/Theres More Where That Came From

Lee Ann Womack/Twenty Years And Two Husbands Ago

Lee Ann Womack/What Are You Doing New Years Eve

Lee, Brenda/All Alone Am I

Lee, Brenda/As Usual

Lee, Brenda/Big Four Poster Bed

Lee, Brenda/Break It To Me Gently

Lee, Brenda/Broken Trust

Lee, Brenda/Cowgirl And The Daddy, The

Lee, Brenda/Emotions

Lee, Brenda/End Of The World, The

Lee, Brenda/Fly Me To The Moon

Lee, Brenda/Fool Number One

Lee, Brenda/Fool#1

Lee, Brenda/Hes My Rock

Lee, Brenda/I Want To Be Wanted

Lee, Brenda/If You Love Me

Lee, Brenda/Im Sorry

Lee, Brenda/Johnny One Time

Lee, Brenda/Lets Jump The Broomstick

Lee, Brenda/Nobody Wins

Lee, Brenda/Rock On Baby

Lee, Brenda/Rockin Around The Christmas Tree

Lee, Brenda/Rocking Around The Christmas Tree

Lee, Brenda/Speak To Me Pretty

Lee, Brenda/Sweet Nothings

Lee, Brenda/Tell Me What Its Like

Lee, Brenda/Too Many Rivers

Lee, Brenda/Whos Sorry Now

Lee, Brenda/Wrong Ideas

Lee, Coco/Do You Want My Love

Lee, Curtis/Pretty Little Angel Eyes

Lee, Dickey/Laurie

Lee, Dickey/Patches

Lee, Dickey/Rocky

Lee, Gary & Showdown/Rodeo Song

Lee, Johnny/Be There For Me Baby

Lee, Johnny/Bet Your Heart On Me

Lee, Johnny/Cherokee Fiddle

Lee, Johnny/Lookin For Love

Lee, Johnny/Pickin Up Strangers

Lee, Johnny/Prisoner Of Hope

Lee, Johnny/Sounds Like Love

Lee, Lewis/Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes

Lee, Murphy & Jermaine Dupri/Wat Da Hook Gon Be

Lee, Peggy/Come Rain Or Come Shine

Lee, Peggy/Fever

Lee, Peggy/Im A Woman

Lee, Peggy/Is That All There Is

Lee, Peggy/Johnny Guitar

Lee, Peggy/Manana

Lee, Peggy/My Heart Belongs To Daddy

Lee, Peggy/Sc Fever

Lee, Peggy/Why Dont You Do Right

Lee, Robin/Black Velvet

Lee, Tommy/Hold Me Down

Left Banke, The/Walk Away Renee

Legend, John/Ordinary People

Legend, John/Save Room

Legend, John/So High

Legend, John/All of me

Legend, John & Andre3000/Green Light

Lehrer, Tom/Masochism Tango, The

Lehrer, Tom/Poisoning Pigeons In The Park

Leigh, Danni/29 Nights

Leigh, Danni/Honey I Do

Leigh, Danni/House Of Pain

Leigh, Danni/I Dont Feel That Way Anymore

Leigh, Danni/If The Jukebox Took Teardrops

Leigh, Danni/Sometimes

Lekakis, Paul/Boom Boom Lets Go Back To My Room


Lemar/Time To Grow

Lemon Pipers/Green Tambourine

Lemonheads/Into Your Arms

Len/Steal My Sunshine

Lena Zavaroni/Ma Hes Making Eyes At Me

Leningrad/Billy Joel Zoom

Lennon, John/#9 Dream

Lennon, John/Beautiful Boy Darling Boy

Lennon, John/Cold Turkey

Lennon, John/Give Peace A Chance

Lennon, John/Happy Xmas(war Is Over)

Lennon, John/Imagine

Lennon, John/Instant Karma (we All Shine On)

Lennon, John/Jealous Guy

Lennon, John/Just Like Starting Over

Lennon, John/Love

Lennon, John/Mind Games

Lennon, John/Mother

Lennon, John/Nobody Told Me

Lennon, John/Power To The People

Lennon, John/Stand By Me

Lennon, John/Starting Over

Lennon, John/Watchin The Wheels

Lennon, John/Watching The Wheels

Lennon, John/Whatever Gets You Through The Night

Lennon, John/Woman

Lennon, John/Working Class Hero

Lennon, Julian/Saltwater

Lennox, Annie/I put a spell on you

Lennox, Annie/Into The West

Lennox, Annie/Little Bird

Lennox, Annie/No More I Love Yous

Lennox, Annie/Pavement Cracks

Lennox, Annie/Thin Line Between Love And Hate

Lennox, Annie/Train In Vain

Lennox, Annie/Walking On Broken Glass

Lennox, Annie/Why

Lennox, Annie & Al Greene/Put A Little Love In Your Heart

Leon, Melina/La Persona Equivocada

Leontiou, Kristian/Some Say

Les Miserables/Bring Him Home

Les Miserables/Castle On A Cloud

Les Miserables/I Dreamed A Dream

Les Miserables/In My Life

Les Miserables/On My Own

Les Miserables/Stars

Les Miserables/Empty chairs at empty tables

Leslie, Ryan & Cassie & Fabolous/Addiction

Less Than Jake/History Of A Boring Town

Less Than Jake/Science Of Selling Yourself Short, The

Let It Go/Let It Go

Lettermen/What Now My Love

Letters To Cleo/Here And Now

Level42/Almost There

Level42/Running In The Family

Level42/Something About You

Levert, Gerald/Abc 123

Levert, Gerald/Casanova

Levert, Gerald/How Many Times

Levert, Gerald/In My Songs

Levert, Gerald/Mr. Too Damn Good

Levert, Gerald/One Million Times

Lewie, Jona/Stop The Cavalry

Lewis, Aaron & Fred Durst/Outside

Lewis, Barbara/Baby, Im Yours

Lewis, Barbara/Hello Stranger

Lewis, Barbara/Make Me Your Baby

Lewis, Bobby/Tossin N Turnin

Lewis, C.j./Sweets For My Sweets

Lewis, Crystal/Only Fools

Lewis, Crystal/Trust Me

Lewis, Donna/I Could Be The One

Lewis, Donna/I Love You Always Forever

Lewis, Donna/Love Him

Lewis, Donna/Without Love

Lewis, Donna & Richard Marx/At The Beginning

Lewis, Gary & The Playboys/Count Me In

Lewis, Gary & The Playboys/Save Your Heart For Me

Lewis, Gary & The Playboys/Sure Gonna Miss Her

Lewis, Gary & The Playboys/This Diamond Ring

Lewis, Glenn/Dont You Forget It

Lewis, Huey/But Its Alright

Lewis, Huey/Cruisin

Lewis, Huey/Doing It All For My Baby

Lewis, Huey/Heart Of Rock & Roll

Lewis, Huey/It Hit Me Like A Hammer

Lewis, Huey/Jacobs Ladder

Lewis, Huey/Perfect World

Lewis, Huey & Gwyneth Paltrow/Cruisin

Lewis, Huey & News/Walking On A Thin Line

Lewis, Huey & The News/Bad Is Bad

Lewis, Huey & The News/But Its Alright

Lewis, Huey & The News/Do You Believe In Love

Lewis, Huey & The News/Doing It All For My Baby

Lewis, Huey & The News/Feeling Alright

Lewis, Huey & The News/Heart Of Rock & Roll, The

Lewis, Huey & The News/Hip To Be Square

Lewis, Huey & The News/I Want A New Drug

Lewis, Huey & The News/If This Is It

Lewis, Huey & The News/Its Alright

Lewis, Huey & The News/Jacobs Ladder

Lewis, Huey & The News/Let Her Go And Start Over

Lewis, Huey & The News/Perfect World

Lewis, Huey & The News/Power Of Love, The

Lewis, Huey & The News/Shes Some Kind Of Wonderful

Lewis, Huey & The News/Stuck With You

Lewis, Huey & The News/Walking On A Thin Line

Lewis, Huey & The News/Working For A Living

Lewis, Jerry Lee/Breathless

Lewis, Jerry Lee/Drinkin Wine

Lewis, Jerry Lee/Great Balls Of Fire

Lewis, Jerry Lee/High School Confidential

Lewis, Jerry Lee/She Even Woke Me Up To Say

Lewis, Jerry Lee/Thirty Nine And Holding

Lewis, Jerry Lee/What Made Milwaukee Famous

Lewis, Jerry Lee/Whatd I Say

Lewis, Jerry Lee/Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On

Lewis, Jerry Lee/Would You Take Another Chance On Me

Lewis, Leona/A Moment Like This

Lewis, Leona/Better In Time

Lewis, Leona/Bleeding Love

Lewis, Leona/I Will Be

Lewis, Leona & Childish Gambido/Trouble

Lewis, Michelle/Nowhere And Everywhere

Lewis, Smiley/I Hear You Knockin

Leyton, John/Johnny Remember Me

Lfo/Every Other Time

Lfo/Girl On Tv

Lfo/I Dont Wanna Kiss You Goodnight

Lfo/I Dont Want To Kiss You Goodnight

Lfo/Life Is Good

Lfo/Summer Girls

Lfo/West Side Story

Liberty X/Got To Have Your Love

Liberty X/Holding On To You

Liberty X/Jumpin

Liberty X/Just A Little

Lido Shuffle/Lido Shuffle

Life During Wartime/Talking Heads, The



Lifehouse/First Time

Lifehouse/Hanging By A Moment

Lifehouse/Just Another Name

Lifehouse/Sick Cycle Carousel


Lifehouse/Take Me Away

Lifehouse/Whatever It Takes

Lifehouse/You And Me

Lightfoot, Gordon/Beautiful

Lightfoot, Gordon/Circle Is Small, The

Lightfoot, Gordon/Don Quixote

Lightfoot, Gordon/If You Could Read My Mind

Lightfoot, Gordon/Rainy Day People

Lightfoot, Gordon/Sundown

Lightfoot, Gordon/Wreck Of The Edmond Fitzgerald

Lighthouse/One Fine Morning

Lighthouse Family/Lifted

Lightman, Toby/Operator

Lightman, Toby/Real Love

Lil Chris/Checkin It Out

Lil Chris/Figure It Out

Lil Chris/Getting Enough

Lil Jon & The Eastside Boys & Ying Yang Twins/Get Low

Lil Jon & Usher & Ludacris/Lovers & Friends

Lil Jon E40/Snap Yo Fingers

Lil Jon, The Eastside Boys & Ying Yang Twins/Get Low

Lil Kim/Whoa

Lil Kim & Missy Elliott/Can U Hear Me Now

Lil Kim & Mr. Cheeks/Jump Off, The

Lil Kim & Sisqo/How Many Licks

Lil Kim &50 Cent/Magic Stick

Lil Mo/Shoulda Known

Lil Mo/Superwoman

Lil Romeo & Ms. Peaches/My Baby

Lil Wayne/Go D. J.

Lil Wayne/Hustler Muzik

Lil Wayne/A Milli

Lil Wayne/Duffle Bag Boy

Lil Wayne/I Feel Like Dying

Lil Wayne feat Cory Gunz/6 foot 7 foot

Lillix/Its About Time


Lillix/What I Like About You

Lilly, Amelia/Shut up and give me whatever you got

Lily Allen/Smile

Lily The Pink/Scaffold

Limahl/Never Ending Story

Limp Bizkit/Behind Blue Eyes

Limp Bizkit/Boiler

Limp Bizkit/Break Stuff

Limp Bizkit/Faith

Limp Bizkit/My Way

Limp Bizkit/Nookie

Limp Bizkit/Rollin

Limp Bizkit/Rolling

Limp Bizkit/Take A Look Around(mi;2)

Lind, Bob/Elusive Butterfly

Linda Ronstadt/Heat Wave

Linda Ronstadt/How Do I Make You

Linda Ronstadt/Its So Easy

Linda Ronstadt/Just One Look

Linda Ronstadt/Ooh Baby Baby

Linda Ronstadt/Poor Poor Pitiful Me

Linda Ronstadt/Someone To Lay Down Beside Me

Linda Ronstadt/When You Wish Upon A Star

Linda Ronstadt/Your No Good

Linda Ronstadt And James Ingr/Somewhere Out There

Lindisfarne/Run For Home

Lines, Aaron/Love Changes Everything

Lines, Aaron/Waitin On The Wonderful

Lines, Aaron/You Cant Hide Beautiful

Linkin Park/Crawlin

Linkin Park/Crawling

Linkin Park/In The End

Linkin Park/One Step Closer

Linkin Park/Papercut

Linkin Park/Pushing Me Away

Linkin Park/Run Away

Linkin Park/Shadow Of The Day

Linkin Park/What Ive Done

Linkin Park/With You

Linkin, Park/Shadow Of The Day

Lion King/Hakuna Matata

Lion King Disney/Be prepared

Lion King Disney/Can you Feel the love tonight

Lion King Disney/Circle of life

Lion King Disney/Hakuna Matata

Lion King Disney/He lives in you

Lion King Disney/I just can't wait to be king

Lion King Disney/Queen of the Jungle

Lion King Disney/Warthog Rhapsody

Lip Gloss/Lil Mama

Lipps Inc/Funky Town

Lips Of An Angel/Hinder

Lips Of An Angel/Ingram, Jack


Lipstick/Back For Good(dance Version)

Lipstick/Lynn, Rockie

Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam/All Cried Out

Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam/Head To Toe

Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam/Lost In Emotion

Lisa Lois/Hallelujah

Lisa Shaffer/Just One

Lise Angelle/I Wear Your Love

Lit/Lipstick And Bruises


Lit/My Own Worst Enemy

lites, The/Chi


Little Anthony/Im On The Outside Looking In

Little Anthony/Tears On My Pillow

Little Anthony & The Imperials/Going Out Of My Head

Little Anthony & The Imperials/Im On The Outside Looking In

Little Anthony & The Imperials/Shimmey Shimmy Ko Ko Bop

Little Anthony And The Imperials/Tears On My Pillow

Little Big Town/A Little More You

Little Big Town/Better man

Little Big Town/Boondocks

Little Big Town/Bring It On Home

Little Big Town/Dont Waste My Time

Little Big Town/Everything Changes

Little Big Town/Good As Gone

Little Big Town/Im With The Band

Little Big Town/Little More You, A

Little Big Town/Girl crush

Little Drummer Boy, The/Christmas

Little Drummer Boy, The/Murray, Anne

Little Eva/Keep Your Hands Off My Baby

Little Eva/Locomotion

Little Feat/Dixie Chicken

Little Feat/Fat Man In The Bathtub

Little Feat/Oh Atlanta

Little Feat/Willin

Little Jackie/World Should Revolve Around Me, The

Little Mermaid/Part of your world

Little Mermaid/Under The Sea

Little Milton/Grits Aint Groceries

Little Mix/DNA

Little People/O White Christmas

little richard/girl cant help it,the

Little Richard/Keep A Knocking

little richard/lucille

Little Richard/Miss Ann

Little Richard/Rip It Up

Little Richard/Tutti Frutti

Little River Band/Cool Change

Little River Band/Happy Anniversary

Little River Band/Help Is On Its Way

Little River Band/Lady

Little River Band/Lonesome Loser

Little River Band/Other Guy, The

Little River Band/Reminiing

Little River Band/Take It Easy On Me

Little Shop Of Horrors/Grow For Me

Little Shop Of Horrors/Suddenly, Seymour

Little Stinkers/I Farted On Santas Lap

Little Texas/Amys Back In Austin

Little Texas/Bad For Us

Little Texas/First Time For Everything

Little Texas/God Blessed Texas

Little Texas/Kick A Little

Little Texas/Life Goes On

Little Texas/My Love

Little Texas/Some Guys Have All The Love

Little Texas/Southern Grace

Little Texas/What Might Have Been

Little Texas/You And Forever And Me

Little Walter/My Babe

Little Willie John/Fever

Little Wonders/Thomas, Rob

Live/All Over You

Live/Dolphins Cry, The


Live/I Alone

Live/Lightning Crashes

Live/Run To The Water

Live/Selling The Drama

Live/Simple Creed

Live/Turn My Head

Live A Little, Love A Little/Little Less Conversation, A

Live Like You Were Dying/Tim Mc Graw

Living Color/Cult Of Personality

Living Color/Love Rears Its Ugly Head

Living Colour/Cult Of Personality

Living In Fast Forward/Living In Fast Forward

Ll Cool J/Around The Way Girl

Ll Cool J/Hey Lover

Ll Cool J/Imagine That

Ll Cool J/Luv U Better

Ll Cool J/Mama Said Knock You Out

Ll Cool J & Amerie/Paradise

Ll Cool J & Kandice Love/Amazin

Ll Cool J & Timbaland/Headsprung

Llorenna, Kelly/Heart Of Gold2002

Llorenna, Kelly/Tell It To My Heart

Lloyd/Get It Shawty

Lloyd & Ashanti/Southside

Lloyd & Lil Wayne/Girls Around The World

Lloyd & Lil Wayne/You

Lloyd Banks Feat. Jay/Hands Up

LMFAO/Sexy and I know it

LMFAO/Party Rock Anthem

LMFAO feat LIL Jon/Shots

Lmnt/Hey Juliet


Lobo/Dont Expect Me To Be Your Friend

Lobo/Dont Tell Me Goodnight

Lobo/Id Love You To Want Me

Lobo/Me & You & A Dog Named Boo

Lobo/Where Were You When I Was Falling In Love

Local H/All The Kids Are Right

Locke, Kimberly/8th World Wonder

Locke, Kimberly/Band Of Gold

Locke, Kimberly/Change

Locklin, Hank/Let Me Be The One

Locklin, Hank/Please Help Me, Im Falling

Locklin, Hank/Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On

Loco/motion, The

Loco/Murphy, David Lee

Locomotion/O M D

Loeb, Lisa/All Day

Loeb, Lisa/I Do

Loeb, Lisa/Lets Forget About It

Loeb, Lisa/Underdog

Loeb, Lisa & Nine Stories/Stay(i Missed You)

Loeb, Lisa & The Nine Stories/Do You Sleep

Loeb, Lisa & The Nine Stories/Stay(i Missed You)

Logan, Johnny/Hold Me Now

Logan, Johnny/Whats Another Year

Loggins & Messina/Dannys Song

Loggins & Messina/Your Mama Dont Dance

Loggins, Dave/Please Come To Boston

Loggins, Kenny/Danger Zone

Loggins, Kenny/Footloose

Loggins, Kenny/For The First Time

Loggins, Kenny/Forever

Loggins, Kenny/Forever Love

Loggins, Kenny/Heart to Heart

Loggins, Kenny/Im Alright

Loggins, Kenny/Meet Me Half Way

Loggins, Kenny/Nobodys Fool

Loggins, Kenny/Return To Pooh Corner

Loggins, Kenny/This Is It

Loggins, Kenny & Stevie Nicks/Whenever I Call You Friend

Lohan, Lindsay/First

Lohan, Lindsay/Confessions Of A Broken Heart

Lohan, Lindsay/First

Lohan, Lindsay/I Live For The Day

Lohan, Lindsay/Over

Lohan, Lindsay/Rumors

Lohan, Lindsay/Magnet

Lois Armstrong/What A Wonderful Word

London Bridge/Fergie

London, Julie/Cry Me A River

Lonely No More/Thomas, Rob


Lonestar/Class Reunion

Lonestar/Come Cryin To Me

Lonestar/Everythings Changed

Lonestar/Heartbroke Every Day

Lonestar/IÆm Already There

Lonestar/Ill Die Tryin

Lonestar/Im Already There

Lonestar/Let Me Love You

Lonestar/Lets Be Us Again

Lonestar/Mr. Mom

Lonestar/My Front Porch Looking In

Lonestar/No News

Lonestar/Not A Day Goes By

Lonestar/Nothing To Prove

Lonestar/Runnin Away With My Heart

Lonestar/Saturday Night

Lonestar/Say When


Lonestar/Somebodys Someone

Lonestar/Tell Her

Lonestar/Tequila Talkin

Lonestar/Unusually Unusual

Lonestar/Walking In Memphis

Lonestar/What About Now

Lonestar/Winter Wonderland

Lonestar/With Me

Lonestar/You Walked In

Lonestar/Youre Like Coming Home

Lonestar/Youre Like Coming Home

Long Pigs, The/On & On

Looking For A Road[theme From Dale]/Looking For A Road[theme From Dale]

Looking Glass/Brandy

Looking Glass/Brandy Youre A Fine Girl

Loon & Mario Winans/Down For Me

Lopez, Jennifer/Aint It Funny

Lopez, Jennifer/Alive

Lopez, Jennifer/All I Have

Lopez, Jennifer/Baby I Love You

Lopez, Jennifer/Could This Be Love

Lopez, Jennifer/Do It Well

Lopez, Jennifer/Feelin So Good

Lopez, Jennifer/Feeling So Good

Lopez, Jennifer/Get Right

Lopez, Jennifer/Hold You Down

Lopez, Jennifer/If You Had My Love

Lopez, Jennifer/Im Glad

Lopez, Jennifer/Im Gonna Be Alright

Lopez, Jennifer/Im Real

Lopez, Jennifer/Jenny From The Block

Lopez, Jennifer/Love Dont Cost A Thing

Lopez, Jennifer/Loving You

Lopez, Jennifer/One, The

Lopez, Jennifer/Play

Lopez, Jennifer/Promise Me Youll Try

Lopez, Jennifer/Shouldve Never

Lopez, Jennifer/The One

Lopez, Jennifer/Too Late

Lopez, Jennifer/Waiting For Tonight

Lopez, Jennifer/Pitbull-on the floor

Lopez, Jennifer & Fat Joe/Hold You Down

Lopez, Jennifer & Ja Rule/Im Real

Lopez, Jennifer & Jadakiss & Styles/Jenny From The Block

Lopez, Jennifer & Ludacris/Do It Well

Lopez, Jennifer & Nas/Im Gonna Be Alright

Lopez, Jennifer & Nox/Jenny From The Block

Lopez, Trini/Lemon Tree

Lopez. Jennifer & Pitbull/On the floor



Lorde/Tennis Court

Loretta Lynn/Miss Being Mrs

Loring, G. & C. Anderson/Friends And Lovers

Los Bravos/Black Is Black

Los Del Mar/Macarena

Los Lobos/La Bamba

Los Lobos/We Belong Together

Los Lonely Boys/Diamonds

Los Lonely Boys/Heaven

Los Lonely Boys/More Than Love

Los Tigres Del Norte/Con La Soga Al Cuello

Los Tucanes De Tijuana/De Tin Marin

Lose Control/Elliott, Missy

Lose Control/Missy Elliott & Ciara

Lose My Breath/Destinys Child

Lost One/Jay Z & Michelle

Lost Prophets/Rooftops

Lost Trailers/Chicken Fried

Lost Trailers, The/Call Me Crazy

Lost Trailers, The/Holler Back

Lost Without You/Thicke, Robin

Lostprophets/Cant Catch Tomorrow

Lostprophets/Last Train Home

Louchie Lou/10 Out Of 10

Louisanas Leroux/New Orleans Ladies

Louise/Stuck In The Middle With You

Louisinana Gator Boys And Blu/New Orleans

Louvin Brothers/I Dont Believe Youve Met Me Baby

Lovato, Demi/Give your heart a break

Lovato, Demi/Skyscraper

Lovato, Demi - Olly Murs/Up

Love/My Little Red Book

Love & Rockets/So Alive

Love Affair/Everlasting Love

Love And Rockets/So Alive

Love Changes Everything/Aspects Of Love

Love Is A Beautiful Thing/Love Is A Beautiful Thing

Love, Courtney/Mono

Love, Darlene/Today I met the boy I'm gonna marry

Love, Johnny/Pledging My Love

Loveless, Patty/Blame It On Your Heart

Loveless, Patty/Blue Memories

Loveless, Patty/Blue Side Of Town, The

Loveless, Patty/Boys Are Back In Town, The

Loveless, Patty/Cant Get Enough

Loveless, Patty/Cant Stop Myself From Loving You

Loveless, Patty/Chains

Loveless, Patty/Chains, The

Loveless, Patty/Dont Toss Us Away

Loveless, Patty/Halfway Down

Loveless, Patty/Here I Am

Loveless, Patty/High On Love

Loveless, Patty/How Can I Help You Say Goodbye

Loveless, Patty/Hurt Me Bad In A Real Good Way

Loveless, Patty/I Try To Think About Elvis

Loveless, Patty/If My Heart Had Windows

Loveless, Patty/Im That Kind Of Girl

Loveless, Patty/Jealous Bone

Loveless, Patty/Last Thing On My Mind, The

Loveless, Patty/Like Water Into Wine

Loveless, Patty/Little Bit In Love, A

Loveless, Patty/Lonely Side Of Love, The

Loveless, Patty/Lonely Too Long

Loveless, Patty/Lovin All Night

Loveless, Patty/Nights Too Long, The

Loveless, Patty/Nothing But The Wheel

Loveless, Patty/On Down The Line

Loveless, Patty/On Your Way Home

Loveless, Patty/She Drew A Broken Heart

Loveless, Patty/Soul Of Constant Sorrow

Loveless, Patty/Strong Heart

Loveless, Patty/Tear Stained Letter

Loveless, Patty/Thats The Kind Of Mood Im In

Loveless, Patty/Thousand Times A Day, A

Loveless, Patty/Timber Im Falling In Love

Loveless, Patty/To Have You Back Again

Loveless, Patty/Trouble With The Truth, The

Loveless, Patty/Trouble, The

Loveless, Patty/When The Fallen Angels Fly

Loveless, Patty/You Can Feel Bad

Loveless, Patty/You Dont Even Know Who I Am

Loveless, Patty/You Dont Seem To Miss Me

Loveless, Patty/You Will

Loveless, Patty & Travis Tritt/Out Of Control Raging Fire


Loverboy/Hot Girls In Love

Loverboy/Kid Is Hot Tonight, The

Loverboy/Lovin Every Minute Of It

Loverboy/Queen Of The Broken Hearts

Loverboy/This Could Be The Night

Loverboy/Turn Me Loose

Loverboy/Working For The Weekend

Lovers Holiday/Change


Lovett, Lyle/Shes No Lady

Lovett, Lyle & Al Green/Funny How Time Slips Away

Lovett, Ruby/Little Bitty Crack In His Heart

Lovin Spoonful/Daydream

Lovin Spoonful/Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind

Lovin Spoonful/Do You Believe In Magic

Lovin Spoonful/Nashville Cats

Lovin Spoonful/Summer In The City

Lovin Spoonful/You Didnt Have To Be So Nice

Low Millions/Eleanor

Lowe, Nick/Cruel To Be Kind

Ltc/Back In Love

Ltd/Every Time I Turn Around Back In Love Again

Ltd/Love Ballad

Ltrimm/Cars With The Boom

Luba/How Many(rivers To Cross)

Lucas, Lauren/Carolina Kind, The

Lucas, Lauren/What You Aint Gonna Get

Lucie Silvas/The game is won

Lucky Man/Montgomery Gentry

Ludacris/Act A Fool

Ludacris/Blow It Out

Ludacris/Get Back

Ludacris/Number One Spot

Ludacris/Pimpin All Over The World

Ludacris/Potion, The

Ludacris/Roll Out(my Business)


Ludacris/Splash Waterfalls

Ludacris & Mary J. Blige/Runaway Love

Ludacris & Nate Dogg/Area Codes

Ludacris & Pharrell/Money Maker

Ludacris & Pharrell/Southern Hospitality

Ludacris & Shawnna/Stand Up

Ludacris & Sleepy Brown/Saturday(oooh! Oooh!)

Ludacris Feat. Pharrell/Money Maker

Ludacris, Feild Mob & Foxx/Georgia

Luhrman, Baz/Everybodys Free To Wear Sunreen

Luious Jackson/Ladyfingers

Luious Jackson/Naked Eye

Luke, Bryan/All My Friends Say

Luke, Bryan/Country Man

Luke, Bryan/We Rodein Trucks

Luke, Bryan/I Dont Have A Thing To Wear

Luke, Bryan/We Rode In Trucks

Luke, Bryan/Take my drunk ass home

Lulu/Boom Bang A Bang

Lulu/Man With The Golden Gun, The


Lulu/To Sir With Love

Luman, Bob/Lonely Women Make Beautiful Lovers

Luman, Bob/Still Loving You

Luman, Bob/When You Say Love

Lumidee/Crashin A Party

Lumidee/Never Leave You

Lumineers/Ho Hey

Lupe Fiasco/Old school love

Luther Vandross And Mariah Ca/Endless Love

Luv Da Sunshine/Intenso Project

Lyle Lovett & Al Green/Funny How Time Slips Away

Lymon, Frankie & Teenagers/Why Do Foo ls Fall In Love

Lymon, Frankie And The Teenagers/Goody Goody

Lyn Anderson/Rose Garden

Lynch, Liam/United States Of Whatever

Lynn, Barbara/Youll Lose A Good Thing

Lynn, Cheryl/Got To Be Real

Lynn, Loretta/Blue Kentucky Girl

Lynn, Loretta/Coal Miners Daughter

Lynn, Loretta/Country In My Genes

Lynn, Loretta/Dear Uncle Sam

Lynn, Loretta/Dont Come Home A Drinkin

Lynn, Loretta/Fist City

Lynn, Loretta/Hey Loretta

Lynn, Loretta/Honky Tonk Girl

Lynn, Loretta/I Cant Hear The Music

Lynn, Loretta/Ive Got A Picture Of Us On My Mind

Lynn, Loretta/Lonesome77203

Lynn, Loretta/Louisiana Woman Mississippi Man

Lynn, Loretta/Love Is The Foundation

Lynn, Loretta/Ones On The Way

Lynn, Loretta/Out Of My Head And Back In My Bed

Lynn, Loretta/Rated X

Lynn, Loretta/Somebody Somewhere Dont Know What Hes Missin

Lynn, Loretta/Table For Two

Lynn, Loretta/They Dont Makeem Like My Daddy

Lynn, Loretta/Trouble In Paradise

Lynn, Loretta/You Aint Woman Enough To Take My Man

Lynn, Loretta/Youre Looking At Country

Lynn, Loretta/Youve Just Stepped In From Stepping Out On Me

Lynn, Loretta & Conway Twitty/As Soon As I Hang Up The Phone

Lynn, Loretta & Conway Twitty/Duet After The Fire Is Gone

Lynn, Loretta & Conway Twitty/Feelings

Lynn, Loretta & Conway Twitty/Lead Me On

Lynn, Shelby/Killin Kind

Lynn, Shelby/Tell Me Im Crazy

Lynn, Shelby/Things Are Tough All Over

Lynne, Rocky/More

Lynne, Shelby/Gotta Get Back

Lynne, Shelby/Telephone

Lynne, Shelby/Wall In Your Heart

Lynns/Nights Like These

Lynns/Woman To Woman

Lynyrd Skynrd/Red White And Blue

Lynyrd Skynyrd/Ballad Of Curtis Loew, The

Lynyrd Skynyrd/Call Me The Breeze

Lynyrd Skynyrd/Dont Ask Me No Questions

Lynyrd Skynyrd/Free Bird

Lynyrd Skynyrd/Gimme Back My Bullets

Lynyrd Skynyrd/Gimme Three Steps

Lynyrd Skynyrd/Give Me Back My Bullets

Lynyrd Skynyrd/Give Me Three Steps

Lynyrd Skynyrd/I Aint The One

Lynyrd Skynyrd/I Know A Little

Lynyrd Skynyrd/Needle & The Spoon, The

Lynyrd Skynyrd/Poison Whiskey

Lynyrd Skynyrd/Red, White & Blue

Lynyrd Skynyrd/Red, White And Blue

Lynyrd Skynyrd/Saturday Night Special

Lynyrd Skynyrd/Searching

Lynyrd Skynyrd/Simple Man

Lynyrd Skynyrd/Swamp Music

Lynyrd Skynyrd/Sweet Home Alabama

Lynyrd Skynyrd/T For Texas

Lynyrd Skynyrd/Tuesdays Gone

Lynyrd Skynyrd/Whats Your Name

Lynyrd Skynyrd/Working For The Mca

Lynyrd Skynyrd/You Got That Right

Lyttle, Kevin/Turn Me On