Karaoke at the The Mint: San Francisco's Top Destination for Tourists and Locals for Over 30 Years

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Karaoke fans, If good music, a wide-ranging drink selection, and unbridled karaoke are your ideas of a good time, you could very well be mistaken for a Mint Karaoke Lounge regular (that is, if you are not already)! 

For over thirty years, The Mint Karaoke Lounge in San Francisco has opened its doors wide to locals, tourists and karaoke fans of all shapes and sizes. Whether hosting tech professionals, members of the LGBTQ community, bachelorette parties, or the hipster crowd, San Francisco’s Mint patrons share not only a love for karaoke, but a commitment to the open and inclusive community karaoke singing and enjoyment organically creates.

In its infancy, The Mint Karaoke Lounge took its name from a nearby San Francisco Federal Mint which printed money. The Mint Karaoke Lounge spent its early years serving high end steak and lobster dinners to patrons, before undergoing a major transformation in the 1990’s to become the beloved karaoke lounge it is today. 

With one visit to The Mint Karaoke Lounge in San Francisco as it is now, a tourist or local can expect to experience the glow of the community-oriented environment The Mint staff have worked hard to establish. A positive and welcoming karaoke etiquette permeates the lounge, and has created a space where all feel welcome to participate as they please – whether that be enjoying drinks at the cash bar, visiting with new friends in the lounge, or giving a performance on the karaoke stage.

The Mint Karaoke Lounge: San Francisco's Top Destination for Tourists and Locals for Over 30 Years

One of the many reasons The Mint Karaoke Lounge is a favorite of locals and tourists is their established lounge and karaoke etiquette. The Mint Karaoke Lounge staff has created a positive environment that pushes back against the negativity all too often displayed in today’s online and public square. The Mint Karaoke house rules include:


Respectful conversations

In an effort to support karaoke singers – experienced and newbies alike – The Mint staff protects the space next to the live stage as an area for the music to be enjoyed and the energy it creates to be experienced to the fullest! 

Enjoy the show

Lounge karaoke spectators are invited to listen attentively and applaud enthusiastically for performers giving their all on the karaoke stage. The Mint Karaoke Lounge is unique in that it does not separate karaoke participants into private rooms. Karaoke patrons are joined together in the community of the lounge to appreciate and celebrate live singing together. 

Invitations to perform

Although it may be tempting to jump in and support someone brave enough to perform karaoke live on the stage, The Mint Karaoke Lounge staff encourage visitors to let performers enjoy their time in the spotlight! But if an invitation comes your way – the more the merrier!

No negative feedback

Booing is an absolute NO! In an environment where a positive atmosphere is everything, there is only room in the lounge for cheering and encouraging feedback for all who give a karaoke performance. 

It is easy to see why The Mint Karaoke Lounge has been a favorite of locals and tourists alike for over thirty years! There is a spot for you at the bar, in the lounge, and on the live stage. Whether you are visiting from around the world or from around the corner in San Francisco, The Mint Karaoke Lounge welcomes you.

The Mint Karaoke Lounge: San Francisco's Top Destination for Tourists and Locals for Over 30 Years

Interested in experiencing The Mint Karaoke Lounge for yourself? Book a table now or call +1 (415) 626-4726.

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