The Mint SF karaoke, San Francisco's Karaoke Hotspot for over 30+ Years!

The Mint SF Karaoke, has been a San Francisco Karaoke hotspot for three decades and still going strong. Checkout why the mint karaoke bar is a bay area karaoke legend.

Mint SF karaoke

The tradition of San Francisco's Mint Karaoke Lounge continues

The Mint SF Karaoke, located in the Bay Area, derived its name from the nearby Federal Mint responsible for printing money. Originally a fine dining restaurant offering delectable Steak and Lobster dishes, it underwent a transformation in the 90s to become the lively karaoke bar we know today. Throughout the years, this venue has proudly hosted numerous LGBT events and competitions, proudly maintaining its reputation as an all-inclusive and welcoming sanctuary for everyone.

As an establishment, we are happy to serve the Bay Area as San Francisco’s best SF karaoke Lounge for over thirty years.

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Nijat Behbudov
Nijat Behbudov
Great vibes, nice bar with drinks. There is a stage and the crowd is all friendly. Friday evening was pretty full but we got a good spot. Nice place if you want to celebrate a birthday or just have fun with friends. Highly recommend. Prices of drinks are also reasonable. Location is good.
Jorge Pereira
Jorge Pereira
Small and funny karaoke bar in SFO.
Vikram Haer
Vikram Haer
Never not had a fun time at the mint
Marianna Belmares
Marianna Belmares
I had a great time on a Thursday night. It wasn't too busy and the bartenders were very sweet. It's a nice atmosphere and cool Backlit LEDs on the stage for singing. Overall it was a cool vibe 😎
Divey. Dark. Dingy. Amazing!!! Mixed crowd that wasn't as young as Silver clouds. Big LED screen that plays graphics behind the singers which is cool. CASH BAR! With ATMs on site. Place gets packed and is extremely busy.

Mint SF Karaoke: Forever Open-Minded

SF Karaoke at The Mint: A Proud LGBTQIA+ Ally. Sing your heart out, and join us in celebrating Pride Month every year, as we welcome everyone, LGBTQIA+ or not, with open arms and colorful spirits!

Learn more about The Mint SF Karaoke Bar’s gay history.

Bay Area Karaoke Bar with Gay and LGBTQIA+ Pride
Local Customers and singers love The Mint Karaoke Bar in San Francisco

The Mint SF Karaoke: The Bay's Finest, Year after Year.

Selected the “Best Karaoke Lounge in the Bay Area” by the Bay Guardian, “Peoples Choice Award” by the San Francisco Chronicle, as well as numerous other awards.

The Mint SF Karaoke: As Seen on CNN Headline News, KPIX Channel 5, VIACOM Cable Channel 35, and Upcoming International Documentary. Check out our awards!

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Discover the Magic of SF Mint Karaoke. The Bay Area's karaoke hotpsot!

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"The Mint is the legendary karaoke spot on Market street in San Francisco"

~ Yelp: Heather D.

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